There is no formula to deal with complexity.

It needs a craft such as Design-Research.

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Emergent Users or Next Billion Users

I am a Design Researcher, Practitioner and Educator.


I help businesses use Design-Research for Strategy and Innovation.

I help them in the following:

  • Understand Design-Research by doing it with their decision-making team.

  • Help them document and communicate the results of the research.

  • Mentor and guide them to use the results for strategy as well as innovation.

  • Establish a Design(-Thinking) capability and culture in their organisation.


In addition I conduct Design(-Thinking) workshops for industry professionals that included start-up founders, project managers and UX professionals.


I also teach at different Design Schools subjects like Design-Research, Design-Strategy and UX/HCI Design.


I have formally studied three different domains of Design—Architecture, Product Design and Human- Computer Interaction. Therefore, I am trained to address the human problems related to habitat and usability.

As a research scholar at IIT Bombay, India, I have attempted to understand and predict digital technology usage in rural and low-literate contexts in India.

I had also worked in the IT industry as a researcher where I attempted to develop approaches to train computers for recognizing human handwriting.


I am also a student of (traditional) Advaita Vedanta.